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Finding Joy in the Waiting

Finding Joy in the Waiting

The month of May is crazy. Life is filled with things like graduations, finals, weddings, and the start of summer. My google calendar is overflowing with plans and coffee dates with friends as I try to squeeze the potential out of every day.

Waking up every morning praying that God would bless every moment and talk that I encounter in that day. Then as I lay down for bed that night, I check my fit-bit to see if I made it to 10,000 steps that day and realize how drained and exhausted I am.

In that exhaustion however I feel the peace of how grateful I am for the constant king who in the midst of our craziness still cries out for us to acknowledge his presence in all of it. His hand is steady in our daily plans and if we ask for him to guide us he will.

In this season I am waiting for the next event, wedding, and phone call. My world is spinning but finding joy- even in this time- isn’t challenging.

Because when everything else around me is spinning, if I just lift my head up, even for a moment,

I see my constant king extending his hand out to me.

Today I am thankful because I have chosen to take his hand in the midst craziness and slow down for a moment, and rest in the peace he offers us daily.

Love, Lo


A (much) needed break from the dreaded finals week.

Drained, exhausted, and crawling over the finish line is my current status. Taking multiple deep breaths as I try to type out every last word to every paper. In the midst of this comes the chaos of plans made previously to my current stress status. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I am so grateful these plans were made because I needed the break.

A group of about 15 of us went to the Lany concert in Little Rock Arkansas in the Rev Room. Small venue with a fun group of people.

Before the concert all of the ladies went to Samantha’s Taproom in downtown Little Rock (a place with a wonderful memory of mine) where we celebrated a birthday.

The night was much-needed. I was reminded that amongst the craziness that is finals week in college, sometimes all we need is a break and breath of fresh air. ( And maybe even some cold stone ice cream cake). The night didn’t lessen any of the other stressors on my mind, but a night out on the town sure did help.

Love, Lo

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The Final Stretch (kinda)

The Final Stretch (kinda)

Today I have 10 days of school left before the end of my junior year. My strength is being stretched, my patience is being stretched, and my motivation is being stretched. Nothing that I am working on in school right now is any harder than assignments at the beginning of the semester. However- the major difference is that I have a fraction of the motivation that I had at the beginning of the semester.


Im writing about this because I have to believe I am not the only one who feels like this! Falls in motivation are normal and an abnormal love for the summer time is something many of us can understand. This is something to care about because maybe, just maybe, something I have learned could help you as well.

This is titled the final stretch because in this season of my life, it is a type of “final stretch.” Relationally, educationally, and emotionally I’m being stretched. My heart is praying for summer but simultaneously praying for peace and patience in the present season. Thankfulness is something I find most helpful and challenging in the final stretch. Thats why I am holding on as tight as possible to thankfulness.

Ready to concur this as best as I can, will you join me?

Love, Lo